Saturday, 3 November 2018


1. The maintenance costs are the same as those of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE).

Many people have the false impression that hybrid vehicles will be more expensive to manage and maintain due to all the alleged "high tech complicated" electrical parts. In reality, the maintenance costs should be very similar. The only component that needs regular maintenance is the internal combustion engine

it's different from your typical car.

2. Long life at the bar

As a result of the load of trucks, bombings and rubbings that lasted long. Of course, this depends on how you set the route you can drive to a car.

3. Inspect the required drain interval

Due to the less anticipated use of the internal combustion engine, a hybrid car would generally have a longer oil change interval. Be sure to consult the user manual where the manufacturer will receive a recommendation about the refresh interval.

4. Cooling is the key

The restoring braking system generates an enormous amount of heat. The cooling system must therefore be in perfect condition at all times. Therefore, check the hoses, pipes and individual collars, as well as the extra air filters used in the battery's heating and cooling system.

5. Do not worry about the battery

This is probably the biggest concern for potential buyers of hybrid cars, but the truth is that you should not be too concerned. The electric components of hybrid cars are designed to require no maintenance and therefore do not require maintenance by a specialist. Most manufacturers also offer battery guarantees. It is therefore easy to contact the retailer to replace them in case of problems. This means that your technician must check the power cables and connections for every engine development to ensure that everything works perfectly.
6. Find out more and more experienced in the boat

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7. Make sure you use good orange juice

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8. Remember her husband's vehicle motto

Some drivers and drivers are unaware of the accumulation of their vehicles. Working on your car affects your tire work. It can add much to your pneumonia. If this happens, you can put your own breath in the middle of the way. Do not notice the power of accumulating your car regularly. It's best not to take your car to avoid any move while driving.

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