Friday, 30 November 2018


There are many problems that can arise in the case of a braking system in a vehicle. Regardless of whether there are loud brakes, longer stops or trembling of the steering wheel or the vehicle body during deceleration, all indicate that the braking system needs attention. Fortunately, some of these inspections and repairs are something that you can do yourself, with little help from this article!
There is nothing worse than driving on the street with a car that makes loud, squeaking or crashing sounds every time you brake to slow down. It almost makes you want to hide and hide!

Possible reasons

There are many reasons why brakes can cause this noise,

Thursday, 29 November 2018

2019 Volvo XC40 T5 AWD

The Volvo XC40 T5 AWD R-Design is the hottest version available for the latest, smallest and cheapest Volvo model. What makes R-Design a more aggressive suspension system, including 10% stiffer springs, rear monotube shock absorbers,
fractionally thicker stabilizers and standard 19-inch wheels. The XC40 R-Design is easily recognized by the massive exhaust pipes and the contrasting black roof panel, which extends down to the middle of the C-pillar, creating a distinctive profile

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

2019 INFINITI Q50 Review

This year the Q50 is available in a shortened set of finishes: the basic 2.0-liter turbo-4 is only available in the Pure version; The 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 is reserved for Luxe, Sport and Red Sport finishes. The slow-selling Q50 hybrid has been shelved this year. Regardless of what is undernourished, the Q50 is sharp and muscular in its appearance, interrupted by an updated interior that is the right side of subtlety without boredom. The best finish is gained by the elegant skin, which looks good (and feels good), although their prices may be more stretchy than in other classes.
In Q50, there are the starting points for those competitors who lack fiery breathing apparatus and AMG with an unlimited budget. The basic turbocharger-4 produces 208 horsepower, which is more economical than BMW and Audis. The V-6 returns

Tuesday, 27 November 2018



The cylinder block, which is also called the engine block, is the main engine construction that gives space to the cylinders, and also contains coolant, exhaust, and gas passageways through the engine and host for the crankcase and Camshafts. The engine block is the main housing of hundreds of parts present in modern engines. It is the largest of the engine parts and also represents 20% to 25% of the total engine mass.

Today's engines have reached the maximum development and are still being developed for the next years. This development has increased power, durability,

Monday, 26 November 2018


Aesthetics of the brand

The aesthetics of modern luxury is characterized by a timeless beauty, a combination of high-quality technology and craftsmanship, as well as a reduction to what is really important. The goal is to arouse the desire of the brand. The atmosphere created by the project carries a reduced, but not distant appearance that is modern and timeless. Black and silver are the dominant colors that create a scene for highlights, but also stage innovations complemented by a warm color range. Natural materials, such as leather and wood, give a sense of affordability and can be harmoniously combined with technical innovations and innovations. Modern graphic elements that contain typical Mercedes style idioms or refer to the brand, strengthen the brand's identity.

External appearance: sporty, dynamic, emotional

Characteristic elements of the exterior design of Mercedes-Benz vehicles include striking radiator grilles, dynamic side lines and sensually

Sunday, 25 November 2018

2018 TOYOTA C - HR: Both Cool and Staid

Sub-compact SUVs are new to the automotive market. Consumers like their dimensions, the ability to drive all four wheels and the outstanding practicality of the five doors. Add to this the ubiquity in the category of four-cylinder engines scarce in fuel and it is easy to understand why they have gained so much popularity.

To some extent, it is surprising that while Buick, Chevrolet, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and many others have seen encouraging sales results, the name Toyota was so clearly absent in the fight. Abandoning the Scion brand, from all things, would force the manufacturer to enter the category of sub-complexes. Originally, the plan was to introduce a new crossover to the automaker under the name Scion. In the end, Toyota has just modified its plans and vehicle, and voila: 2018 Toyota C-HR!

A radical look
Conservative, because Toyota's approach to styling was for many years, in Scion it was a different story, with a bold and much more open approach to aesthetic aggressiveness. This is a long way to explain the courageous C-HR figure.

Saturday, 24 November 2018


There is much more than valve springs than sitting and open pressures. Here's what you need to know.
For many years, the camshaft technology was limited not by the lack of knowledge about cam profilers, but by valve technology that was not suitable for stabilizing aggressive wing structures. However, in the last 10 years, spring material and structural improvements have been improved, which - in combination with ever lighter valves - allow the full potential of modern cam profiles and high-performance cylinder heads. Today we have more spring options than ever before, but it also means that it is

Friday, 23 November 2018


This is the new Suzuki Swift Sport. And this is a very important car. If you like fun, fast things, it's worth noting that the BMW M3 or Porsche 911 is not only a benchmark in its class, but also a barometer of the place where the world of racing cars operates.As with these cars, its latest iteration caused it to become turbocharged because it remained in the old, turbine-free configuration longer than any other hot flap.

Turbos means more power, right?
Correct. But funny cars are much more than the data on their catalog card. The way they provide performance, how much they immerse you in the experience,

Thursday, 22 November 2018


The 6 Series is the flagship BMW two-door model and has been successful so far. However, in recent years it has become clear that it can not really compete with some of its rivals. The car has a much harder ride than most and does not go as well as it should. Despite this, he is still one of the best-looking cars on their list, and is also sublimated on the fast highway. To regain its former glory, the new model will be released along with the

Wednesday, 21 November 2018



Infiniti QX30 is a luxury crossover, which is the Q30 hatchback version. It competes with small premium SUVs, such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, with which it shares many parts.

The interior is raised straight from Q30 - you get a Mercedes switchboard and great workmanship, but also a slightly unimaginable construction. The passenger compartment is, at best, sufficient and the boot capacity is medium.

On the road, the QX30 is one of the most engaging crossovers for driving thanks to its nicely calibrated suspension and heavy steering. It's mainly about convenience, as evidenced by the quiet cabin at highway speeds.

Buyers in the UK can only specify it with a 2.1-liter diesel engine (Infiniti calls it a 2.2-liter engine) and a seven-speed automatic transmission - a good combination, but the lack of choice will certainly discourage some. The four-wheel drive is standard, so the

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

2018 AUDI A6

Despite the fact that the Audi A6 is slightly longer, it still remains one of the easiest recommendations for families and friends looking for a nice, competent luxury sedan. Soon, it will be replaced by a completely new 2019 model, but it did not stop us from including the current model in the Editors' Choice list for 2018. Its agile handling, nice design, comfortable cabin and a long list of functions is a well rounded pack, which is undeniably attractive. A standard 2.0-liter turbocharged, two-cylinder engine provides plenty of grip, but the optional supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 really gives the A6 its legs. The front-wheel drive is standard, but we recommend a four-wheel drive model that includes the legendary Audi Quattro brand and year-round stability. It is rare that a car at the end

Monday, 19 November 2018


In marketing 101, students often learn to "start" their youth. "It's a golden step to securing brand loyalty for a lifetime and a successful marketing campaign." Mercedes-Benz is not known for cheap cars, so it has difficulty reaching younger buyers. Its cars are priced for people who tend to hang in the same age range, like those that are ready to pay their 401K.

The company realized that you can talk to the young - not just the young spirit - with the original Benz child in the 1980s, from 190. It was the precursor of the modern C-Class. Even though the C-Class has matured, Mercedes has tried again reach younger drivers from CLA in 2013. Although it was a nicely packed vehicle, it had many fundamental disadvantages.

To try again, the company decided to import

Sunday, 18 November 2018


When it's time to change the engine oil, it can be daunting to go to the car store and face the wall of products of different brands, types of base oil, viscosity and a wide range of prices. Many people have no idea what product should be used, and wrong choices can lead to costly repairs. If you decide to do your own service, what should you look for and what considerations should you take before buying engine oil?

  1.     Do you run a vehicle powered by petrol / LPG or diesel? Why is this important? Gasoline and diesel engines generally require different types of oil additives to protect them and meet the standards for which they have been designed. Some engine oils have specifications

Saturday, 17 November 2018


When buying a vehicle, the number of decisions you need to make can be overwhelming. A common area of uncertainty concerns engines and all related time limits. Your salesperson will probably mention things like a 4-cylinder, V6 or V8 and often buyers are not sure what that actually means. Knowing a bit more about different engines can help in facilitating your next purchase.

Each vehicle has cylinders, and the size of the engine is generally determined by the number of vehicle cylinders. 4-cylinder has 4, V6 has 6 and so on. Inside each cylinder there is a piston moving up and down. Gasoline and air are connected inside the cylinder, and the spark causes combustion. The combustion then pushes the cylinder down, which causes the movement transmitted to the drive shaft driving the vehicle. For this reason, vehicle engines are referred to as internal combustion.

Most cars are powered by a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, while most trucks have 6 or 8 cylinders. The more cylinders in the engine, the more combustion, the more movement to rotate the crankshaft and power to move the car. However, more cylinders also

Friday, 16 November 2018


To extend the life and performance of the engine, it is necessary to maintain the vehicle's cooling system.

The only purpose of the cooling system is to remove heat from the engine. It rejects heat from the engine to the air to prevent the car from overheating. When your engine burns gasoline, what is not used as mechanical energy to drive the car turns into heat. While a part of the heat is released through the exhaust pipe, a large part remains in the engine. Your engine will be destroyed without a cooling system.
The key elements of the cooling system and their purpose:

  • Radiator - as the main element of your cooling system, the radiator is located behind the front grill of the car. The hot coolant is passed through a series of ribs and pipes that help dissipate heat from the liquid into the air. It then pumps the

Thursday, 15 November 2018


A few years ago, I agreed to a man-wing position for a trip to the Collector's Car Show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and a swap meeting. A friend picked me up in his special edition of the Dodge Charger from 1970 and we started this journey. Unfortunately, twenty minutes after the 4-hour ride, I began to hear the irritating sound of a squeak behind a set of indicators. The faster we travel, the louder we write.

I leaned over and looked at the speedometer, and the needle shook rhythmically with this horrifying, high sound. I knew right away that this car has a problem with the speedometer and it will be a very long ride. Fortunately, problems with mechanically controlled speedometers can often be solved with little effort. Here we will talk about how they work and about typical problems with antique cars.

Operation of a speedometer with a toothed drive

Whether you have a Chevrolet Nova Super Sport from 1969, an oldsmobile Rocket Eight-Eight from the 1950s or even a British sports car, such as the Jaguar E-Type, speedometers work just the same. The signal comes from a driven gear that meshes with the rear transmission shaft. This setting rotates the flexible metal core inside the speedometer cable, which in turn connects to the back of the speedometer head mounted in the instrument cluster.

The faster the PTO shaft, the higher


The vehicle's ratio can decide on its maximum speed, how fast reaches its maximum speed and how hard it must be. Car manufacturers must strike a balance between absolute performance and absolute fuel

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


The catalytic catalyst is a waste disposal that replaces gas and wastewater from the combustion sheet into non-fatal substances by stimulating reaction reactions (cast oxygen and  reactions). Combustion or gasoline or diesel fuel is often used as fuel for fuel-including burning.

The first of the warmth  is the sale of cars in the United States. To comply strictly with the U.S. Environment Protection Protection Agency, a number of car hire companies starting in the year 1975 will be ready to use catalyst manufacturers. [1] [2] [3] [4] These two "two" components combine oxygen and carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons without fire (HC) to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water ( H2O). In the year 1981, three-volume translators were transformed into the heat of NOX; This is because those who change three ways require rich or stoichiometric combustion to reduce the name.

Your catalytic converter is an essential part of your car - it neutralizes dangerous compounds in the exhaust, such as carbon monoxide. In this way, they increase the gas mileage and efficiency. Catalytic converters are designed to withstand the lifetime of your car, however unattended repairs in other parts of the exhaust system can

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


When determining the chassis for a professional vehicle, the ultimate goal must be to ensure that the finished vehicle is optimized for its intended use. This process ensures a safer, more productive vehicle while minimizing total cost of ownership throughout the life cycle. Often, fleets choose a chassis for a particular application based on intuitive factors such as previous experiences, recommendations from other people or simply require guesses about the size or type of chassis. However, there is an orderly procedure that must be followed to determine the chassis requirements. Although a detailed explanation

Monday, 12 November 2018


Electricity systems gain popularity among manufacturers as they provide more refinements and can be adjusted if necessary.

The EPS process contains four basic elements: an EPS management system that collects EPS data and sends the necessary information; EPS, energy and EPS control is managed; the number of items allowing the parties to buy; and complicated, which involves installing the driver into the EPS process.

EPS is driven by a permanent magnetic DC motor and is independent of the motor source, so when the engine is off, there is no steering. The torque sensor has two independent reels. One spool determines whether the right hand and the second spool are determined by the left. The signal is then

Sunday, 11 November 2018


The camshafts are used for valves that allow air pressure in the cylinder and allow the gas to be produced from the cylinder. The camshafts allow pedestrians to optimize the surface to allow the pedestrian valve online.

The camshafts and crankshafts are combined with a mechanical system that allows the timer to open and close the valves. So, as the bones move, the camera turns around and it also senses the condition of the cylinder and stroke.

As you can see in the picture, the camshafts

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Since 1933, Nissan has been working hard to meet the needs of its customers and, over the years, has designed a variety of applications and services for decision making.
Pathfinder's journey is one of the industry's most difficult vehicles and


Crankshaft materials can be easily designed, mechanized and processed and have sufficient strength, strength, hardness and fatigue resistance. The crankshaft is made of steel by forging or casting. The main bearing and connecting rod assemblies are made of babbit, tin and lead alloy. Forged crankshafts are stronger than cast crankshafts, but more expensive. Forged crankshafts are made of SAE 1045 steel or similar. Forging is a very dense and resistant wood with the eyes parallel to the direction of the main tension. The crankshafts are made of steel, modular cast iron or moldable cast iron. The main advantage of the casting process is that the material and machining costs of the crankshaft are reduced as the crankshaft can be approached to the desired shape.

including counterweights. Cast iron cranks are able to support loads from all directions, because the structure of the metal particles is uniform and

Friday, 9 November 2018

How Does The Alternator On A Car Works?

The generator is a generator of electric current in a car and the main element of the vehicle charging system. All cars with internal combustion engines, except a few hybrids, have a generator. When an engine is running, the generator charges the battery and provides additional electrical power to the vehicle's electrical systems.
The generator is screwed to the engine and driven by a serpentine belt (drive belt).
The generator is a maintenance-free unit. For some cars it can take up to 10-15 years without repair. If a generator fails, the car may still be running for a short time. However, the engine stops as soon as the battery is exhausted. Replacing


The transmission is a power transmission machine that controls power supply. Often, the term "forwarding" refers only to a gearbox that uses transmissions and gear trains to turn speed and torque from the rotating power source to the other device.

The most common are vehicles where the transmission adapts the performance of the internal combustion engine to the drive wheels. These engines have to run at relatively high speeds, which is not suitable for starting, stopping and slower travel. The gearbox reduces the higher engine speed for slower wheel speed, increases torque in the process. Gearboxes are also used on pedal bicycles, fixed machines and where different speeds and torques are used.

It is important to note that all minor transmission

Thursday, 8 November 2018

CAR HEADLAMP : Total Guide

Have you ever slipped into the night and found that incoming cars come in blue and wonder why you can get it for your car? You may want to learn more about your choice of key points when you are happy, because in this article we will look at the different types of emergency situations from the user's point of view. Flame has risen far from the beginning of the light tungsten filament and eradicated them due to a halogen poll in the early 60s. It remains the banner and a little new to start 90 times when BMW opened the HID cover, ten years later .Three years later, Audi offers fire. Nowadays, the most common incandescent bulbs in a car are halogen, but in the end it will be approved for new technologies such as HID, LED and futuristic devices such as LASER. Before we get detailed

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


The car's engine is dependent on many parts for smooth operation. Engine oil pump is one of them. Its main task is to maintain engine cooling and play a vital role in its work by circulating oil in all bearings and in all screws. Losing this relationship while driving can be extremely dangerous.

There are many warning signs that indicate that your oil pump is about to fail. Knowledge will help you identify a problem before it becomes too serious. Let's look at the five most common symptoms:


The pump regulates pressure and maintains lubrication of engine parts by supplying oil to various parts. Therefore, it is logical that when

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


The initial appearance distance may be fun, but gently the speed of iron speed is much more important. Any safety precautions are trustworthy, or in other words, braking and tires. These two types often keep your car moving - or not moving - in the right direction.

As a car, stops and tires lately as many million travels go, finally coming to an area where they are at risk of danger. To avoid dangerous circuits, you should always be on the guard for signs of washing or tire failure.

1. Tires that are not launched or uncomfortable

Driving properly works well in a specific way, and giving a little or less is not a good idea.  Under-inflation causes rotation of the calcareous,

Monday, 5 November 2018


Why should you plan your car for regular maintenance?

When you first drove off the party in your car, it was in good condition, it did not have any big problems and certainly would not cost you an arm and a leg to correct. But just because your car was in good condition does not mean it will remain that way.

The more you get out of a car, the more it will be worn out. A poorly maintained vehicle can cause a lot of problems that can make you feel stressed and in some cases stranded. Here are 10 reasons why you often have to service your car:


The primary reason for regularly servicing your vehicle is to ensure that you, your family and others are safe on the road.

Although there are many reasons for car accidents, there is reason to worry that the car is neglected. Incorrect steering and braking systems, improper fluid levels, worn wipers, tire negligence and other vehicle-related problems can cause serious occasional fatalities.

With your car in for regular service checks to make sure everything is working properly, you can easily prevent problems like these.


Standing next to your car on the side of the road is not how you picture found out about a problem with your engine.

With a poorly serviced vehicle, indicative emergencies like this can happen at any time. Additionally, you may not have the tools or expertise to correct it.

Fact in the cost of towing, hiring a mechanic and finding a temporary vehicle can pay a bill you are not ready for. Problems like these can be avoided.

Take measures to prevent vehicle errors like

Saturday, 3 November 2018


How does an injection system work?
For the engine to run smoothly and efficiently, it must be equipped with the right amount of fuel / air mixture according to its diverse requirements.

Fuel injection system

Gasoline cars use indirect fuel injection. The fuel pump sends the gasoline to the engine position and injects it into the intake manifold. There is either a single injector for each cylinder or one or two injection nozzles in the suction line.
Traditionally, the fuel and air mixture is


1. The maintenance costs are the same as those of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE).

Many people have the false impression that hybrid vehicles will be more expensive to manage and maintain due to all the alleged "high tech complicated" electrical parts. In reality, the maintenance costs should be very similar. The only component that needs regular maintenance is the internal combustion engine

it's different from your typical car.

2. Long life at the bar

As a result of the load of trucks, bombings and rubbings that lasted long. Of course, this depends on how you set the route you can drive to a car.

3. Inspect the required drain interval

Due to the less anticipated use of the internal combustion engine, a hybrid car would generally have a longer oil change interval. Be sure to consult the user manual where the manufacturer will receive a recommendation about the refresh interval.

4. Cooling is the key

The restoring braking system generates an enormous amount of heat. The cooling system must therefore be in perfect condition at all times. Therefore, check the hoses, pipes and individual collars, as well as the extra air filters used in the battery's heating and cooling system.

5. Do not worry about the battery

This is probably the biggest concern for potential buyers of hybrid cars, but the truth is that you should not be too concerned. The electric components of hybrid cars are designed to require no maintenance and therefore do not require maintenance by a specialist. Most manufacturers also offer battery guarantees. It is therefore easy to contact the retailer to replace them in case of problems. This means that your technician must check the power cables and connections for every engine development to ensure that everything works perfectly.
6. Find out more and more experienced in the boat

Some types of components With the help of a car manufacturer, Including the motorized emails more than the Logic Accelerator Lock, with the Fixed Seasons I'm Not Real. Follow-up tutorials follow-up or Sign-in + is the Values, which I use to record if the Folda giganto INA.

The operator agrees with MB of your account, Contact with the workshop or the Tools for the project.

7. Make sure you use good orange juice

For Multiple Car Packages, read a Small Oil Supervision (usually 0W-20), or if the Anti-ICE Compounds feature you need 0W-30 oils. Motors 0W-20 Motorized Car Hire or a fully-integrated 'fuel truck' engine engine engine is not unique to Ghaat use by the car. Gives you thanks to the limitations of the performance between engine and fire-lubricated.

African 0W-20 NAS APPLICATIONS Important from Ghaat Focus WITHOUT PROPERTY CONSIDERATION AND COMPANY of combustion engine stops The car. Low viscosity input Also oil or Iberian, No oil oils are used for Kids, If most of your skin is too common.

8. Remember her husband's vehicle motto

Some drivers and drivers are unaware of the accumulation of their vehicles. Working on your car affects your tire work. It can add much to your pneumonia. If this happens, you can put your own breath in the middle of the way. Do not notice the power of accumulating your car regularly. It's best not to take your car to avoid any move while driving.