Monday, 11 November 2019

10 Occasional Reasons Why Your Car Loses Fuel Quickly

You may not be aware of this, but your car is probably wasting fuel without you even knowing it. These are not just bad driving habits that you are probably already familiar with. It's about car problems that you do not even know. For example, did you know

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Top 10 Of The Richest Kings In Nigeria (2019) And Their Cars

Nigeria is home to various traditional rulers who are influential and worthy individuals in society. This is largely due to their position in society and the wealth they were able to accumulate over time. On special occasions, when these ceremonial rulers have to be public, Nigerians are not surprised to see convoys and cars in numbers. Speaking of cars, here are the 10 richest kings in Nigeria and their cars, just have a look!

Oba Obateru Akinrutan - Olugbo of Ugbo ($300 Million ~ ₦108.2 Billion)

Oba Obateru Akinruntan is the head of Ugbo in Ondo state. He is the Royal Leader of Ugbo and owns Obat Petroleum, one of the largest private oil trading companies in Nigeria, which controls Africa's largest oil depots.

The Olugbo of the Ugbo kingdom made Forbes one of the richest monarchs in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of

Friday, 8 November 2019

The Good Old Days Of Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius (First generation)

The Toyota Prius was the world's first mass-produced electric petrol hybrid vehicle in the world. The national launch at the end of 1997 marked the culmination of a concerted five-year effort by Toyota Motor Corporation to develop and bring to the market a practical and low-emission family car.

Contrary to popular belief, Toyota has not developed the concept of a hybrid vehicle. The combustion engine and

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Check Out The Stunning Features Of 2020 Mazda 3

The 2020 Mazda3 pretty much carries over and remains the choice of connoisseur for a compact car. For starters, the elegant sedan and the unique styles of the tailgate body are much more stylish than expected in this segment. The same applies to the cabin, which is functional yet stylishly minimalist 

Then there is the driving experience, which continues to inspire those who appreciate a sharp response and a driver-oriented character. Switching to a less sophisticated rear suspension for this latest generation has

Monday, 4 November 2019

6 Typical Reasons Why Your Transmission System May Not Last Long

Shifting,when not stopped
Switching to reverse or reverse while your vehicle is not fully stopped can quickly destroy your transmission. On vehicles with automatic transmissions, it is always best to stop completely before switching to either driving or reverse.

In a car with automatic transmission, it is not comparable to shifting gears in a manual transmission vehicle where the

Saturday, 2 November 2019

The History And Evolution Of Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition (1997 - 2002)  

Ford announced the expedition for the first time in May 1996. The full size four-door SUV was designed to replace the compact two-door Ford Bronco, which has been in production since 1966.

First-generation expeditions based on the U-platform of the Ford F-150. Both models - Expedition and F-150 - had a consistent appearance and common mechanical components, including engines, transmissions and front suspensions.

Partly due to this platform, the expedition was larger than most

7 Frequent Braking Problems You Should Never Ignore

The brake light comes on

If your brake light comes on, there are several options. One is easy to fix, the other could be an indication that there is a serious problem and you need to get your brakes checked as soon as possible.

When you start your car, the lights go on the dashboard. This is normal - it's a lamp test to make sure all the lights are ok. If you start your car and do not turn on the lights, this is a sign that you should have the bulbs replaced. If everything is alright, they should start again after a few